304 Industrial Park Confident in Water Resource Management System - No Problems in Drought Season

The Current Water Situation in Thailand

The water situation in Thailand has been shifting continuously. The main reasons are an increasing demand of water usage and a changing global climate such as a flood crisis in 2011 resulted from a huge rainstorm, or a drought crisis caused by El Niño Phenomenon. However, the water situation in Thailand from late 2019 until mid 2020 poses higher risk of water scarcity. The Meteorological Department of Thailand expected that Thailand will have to face a more severe drought with lower precipitation by 3-5% than usual. Water levels in dams and rivers will decrease, while the demand of water usage is gradually increasing. In addition, more problems regarding water quality have been addressed, most of which are caused by a release of wastewater from communities, a chemical contamination from agricultural activities, and a saltwater intrusion problem enhanced by the rising sea level.
Source: The Master Plan on Water Resource Management for 2015-2026, National Water Resource Management Committee

Industrial Water Demand

  According to the 2015-2026 Master Plan on Water Resource Management by the National Water Resource Management Committee, water usage is divided into 2 categories based on the purposes of use i.e. for household consumption and tourism, and for industrial consumption. It is estimated that the total volume of water usage in Thailand will gradually rise from 10,696 million cubic meters per annum in 2014 to 15,775 million cubic meters per annum in 2027. This 47.49% increase is mainly from the water consumption in industrial sector, which is likely to be increasing by 78.67% from 4,306 million cubic meters per annum in 2014 to 7,515 million cubic meters per annum in 2027.

304 Industrial Park Water Resource Management

304 Industrial Park is an industrial park developer in the Eastern region of Thailand. Currently, more than 19,000 rai of land in 2 provinces—Prachin Buri and Chachoengsao, have been developed along with well-equipped public utilities for high quality water resource management and water drainage systems. The 304 Industrial Park has a large self-built reservoir that collects and stores over 40 million cubic meters of raw water and produces up to 320,000 cubic meters of water per day for an industrial use. As a result, we can store enough raw water for industrial water usage for a whole year without any problems. There will be enough amount of water to meet the demands of industrial factories for both large-scale industries and those requiring a large volume of water for their production. This helps preventing any impacts caused by an unstable change in the amount of natural water such as drought or flood. Moreover, we have wastewater treatment system that renews water and ensures its quality for reuse, reducing potential impacts on environment and communities.

The 304 Industrial Park never has a problem of water scarcity during drought season in Thailand. So, we are confident that our efficient water resource management system is able to produce enough water for industrial use to meet the demands of both existing and new customers, giving them advantages of continuity and seamlessness to run their businesses.

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